What is the most likely reason a family does not keep a pet in their home? Behavior, by far. This also used to be the biggest reason for death in young pets, but with no-kill shelters on the rise, the issue is becoming shelter budgets instead. But more to the effect on your veterinary practice, pets that are not retained in their homes are pets that will no longer need to be cared for and quite often their owners will never consider pet ownership again.

PuppySmarts is a turn-key solution for your clients’ most common behavior problems with their dogs, young or old. PuppySmarts includes videos with easy-to-follow instructions using effective & humane techniques that creator Linda White has used as a pet behaviorist for years. The site is also reviewed by two board-certified veterinary behaviorists for greatest benefit. And if the site doesn’t answer all your clients’ questions, Linda is available by phone.

Benefits to you practice:

  • Clients view a well-trained dog as a family member & would not consider abandoning it
  • Clients spend more on a family member than just a pet (or nuisance)
  • Your practice is able to differentiate itself from other practices in the community: “Where Pets Become Family”
  • Well-trained pets are easier to examine or treat
  • Well-trained pets are less likely to bite
  • Practice may charge for or give free PuppySmarts passes as they wish
  • Practice pays for a whole year’s subscription with as little as two dogs retained as patients
  • New staff can train to become adept at training techniques
  • This is a turn-key system that requires a minimum of staff time
  • Continuity in offering clients consistent information among team members
  • Clients with positive pet experiences are way more likely to get another one later

How PuppySmarts works:

  • Go to PuppySmarts and register as an affiliate
  • You will be billed $39.95 per month on your credit card
  • After your account is set up, you will be sent an Avery template from which you will be able to print as many 3-month passes as you wish to give out
  • Attach a pass to the invoice of each client that you think will benefit
  • You can charge a minimal fee to the client or it can be no charge. We suggest that you do a charge for the individual site fee for 3 months of $24.95, then credit that amount with a notation like, “Compliments of ABC Pet Clinic”
  • There is no contract; service can stopped at any time

Linda also has published a book, First Steps for Puppies & Kittens, and a PuppySmarts DVD, both of which are available from the AAHA bookstore